Comprehensive Income

Definition: [crh] Comprehensive income is the change in equity of a business enterprise during a period from transactions and other events from non-owner sources. It includes all Definition: non-owner changes in equity (in contrast to net income which does not include some changes in equity). Financial AcDefinition: counting Standards Board (FASB) issued the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 130 (SFAS 130), Reporting Comprehensive Income. For fiscal years beginnDefinition: ing after December 15, 1997, SFAS 130 requires the disclosure of both net income and a more 'comprehensive measure of income which includes four items recorded as ownersDefinition: equity under previous FASB pronouncements: adjustments to unrealized gains and losses on available-for-sale marketable securities (SFAS 115), foreign Definition: currency translation adjustments (SFAS 52), minimum required pension liability adjustments (SFAS 87), and changes in the market values of certain futures contractDefinition: s qualifying as hedges (SFAS 80).

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