Definition: The degree, time, or speed with which current assets are converted, from one form to another. Or the amount transacted during a period of time. Definition: The process of placing a software system into production. Also called transition or deployment. Definition: [crh] For mutual funds, a measure of trading activity during the previous year, expressed as a percentage of the Definition: average total assets of the fund. A turnover rate of 25% means that the value of trades represented one-fourth of the assets of the fund. ForDefinition: finance, the number of times a given asset, such as inventory, is replaced during the accounting period, usually a yeDefinition: ar. For corporate finance, the ratio of annual sales to net worth, representing thDefinition: e extent to which a company can grow without outside capital. For markets, the volume of Definition: HREF="/?rd=shares">shares traded as a percent of total shares listed during a specified period, usually a day or a year. For Great Britain, Definition: total revenue. Percentage of the total number of shares outstanding of an issue that trades during any given periDefinition: od.

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